About Sylbourne

Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Lobbyist, TV Talk Show Host, Unapologetic Motivational and inspirational Speaker, Writer, Politician.


Since arriving in the UK in 1992 from Jamaica, Sylbourne has established himself as a notable figure within the UK Afro Caribbean community.

His passion for young people’s involvement and that of people on a whole in the political decision-making process has lead him to launch ‘Politics and You’ – a youth initiative aiming to educate, encourage and empower young people as the leaders of tomorrow, enabling them to be more involved in the political process. This is the message he has taken to various universities.

In 2010 he was recognized as one of the UK’s Black 100+ Achievers and has established a reputation being an inspiring motivational speaker, engaging with his audience with entertaining yet challenging messages. A few years earlier in 2007, he was featured along with other rising black stars in an article “Young, gifted and black: Politics choices” by the Independent Newspaper.

Not losing his roots in Britain Sylbourne has been proactive in providing an effective voice for and within the Jamaican community. In 2003 he founded Facilitators for a Better Jamaica (FFBJ) a Think Tank and Lobby group that highlights the injustices and inequality the community faces, and seeks to find solutions to their predicament and to be an effective voice that speaks up on issues facing Jamaicans in the Diaspora and in Jamaica.

Sylbourne says, “Community involvement and political participation are crucial to ensuring that all spheres of society have a voice, and most importantly to those who are marginalized.” He emphasises the importance of political contribution and electoral turnout as key for the sustainability of Britain and in the strengthening of communities. He strongly believes that the willingness to participate in politics will be the driving force that determines the future stability and continuity of a democratic and inclusive Britain.


Sylbourne has been on UK National Radio & Television in UK, USA and Jamaica.

  • Talk Show Host on “The Sylbourne Show”
  • TV Presenter on Caribbean Insight on Ben TV
  • Guest on BBC Prime Time News 6.30pm -UK
  • Vox TV – Reviewing News Papers with Henry Bonsu-UK
  • Regular on Ben Television-UK
  • Being in the Audience at Question Time with Jonathan Dimbleby in 2013-UK
  • Being in the Audience and asking a question on Newsnight with Kirsty Wark “IRAQ 10 YEARS ON” 2013 - UK
  • Nationwide – Jamaica
  • Radio Jamaica – Jamaica
  • …and much more.

Creating the “Sylbourne” Show is a further step: Sylbourne is pioneering and establishing a platform to connect with people who are doing extraordinary things, those who are pushing the boundary as it is a way of encouraging others to see the value and capability within themselves. As individuals, we have the capacity to achieve greatness but often we don’t.

Sylbourne is a dedicated husband, father, Christian and family man. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and is a practicing Children and Family Solicitor-Advocate, and presently resides in London.

I consider myself an unapologetic voice it is so important to not straddle their views but to speak up proudly with that believe in and with conviction and passion”
~ Sylbourne

Sylbourne’s favourite quote is:

Don’t just go with the flow or else you will be in someone else’s stream, instead create your own rivers."
~ Sylbourne