About the Network

Welcome to THE SYLBOURNE SYDIAL SHOW. This is a thought provoking interactive and entertaining Network with various platforms, that seeks to inspire and motivate its audience through its featured guest and discussion of topical issues. The aim is to provide a platform to expose its audience to subject matters, information and experiences that appeal to their social and business interests and act as a source of inspiration and guidance. It provides viewers with opportunities to access information by featuring compelling interviews, self-improvement segments and an interactive exploration of relevant national and international topics and events.

We aim to connect with people who are doing extraordinary things; those who are pushing the boundary, as a way of encouraging others to see the value and capability within themselves; and those who are inspiring in their pursuit of establishing themselves in their fields.

As individuals we have the capacity to achieve greatness but often we don’t. “THE SYLBOURNE SYDIAL SHOW encourages people to see their true selves and accept an ‘I can’ attitude and a belief that they have something positive and worthwhile to contribute. The show is for everyone and it aims to showcase the potential within all of us.

The interviews and discussions will be diverse, current and topical to all ages, cultures and genders. The ability to educate, inspire and motivate knows no limits and is not defined by age, gender, culture, etc.

THE SYLBOURNE SYDIAL SHOW is multi-dimensional and it utilizes multi-media techniques to reach across all boundaries, borders and cultures.

THE SYLBOURNE SYDIAL SHOW seeks to partner and have a strong relationship with its guest as our mantra is simply this “as you rise we rise with you”.

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