Black Business UK: Are we the barriers to our own success?

Celebrating the Achievements of Dyke & Dryden in the UK Hair Industry

We have the power to make our own future and to carve our own destiny…

It has become a truism within the black business community that African & Caribbean entrepreneurs and start-ups often face unique barriers to success. Sure, starting a new business is never easy but it has long been reported that black businesses often face challenges when it comes to acquiring funding, securing premises, establishing supply chains and so on, which can often make it harder for black entrepreneurs to get ahead. But to what extent is our mind-set the biggest barrier which holds us back? Do we just see challenges or are we geared towards finding solutions?

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The Positive Factor

Your Situation

In every situation there is a positive factor that can be seen. For every plus there is a minus and for every negative there is a positive but you will only find it if you really

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