Kevin Bennet


Kevin Bennett is a Mental and Emotional Strategist. For over 6 years now Kevin Bennett aka the brain, has helped, built and empowered well over 200,000 of you globally via his empowerment and educational videos, interviews, workshops, outreach programs, one 2 ones, seminars, radio shows and schools / university tours.

Kevin Bennett is more known for his extremely successful and unique Mental and Emotional Strategy Programs.

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Charles Khiran

Charles Khiran is the President and Principal consultant of 3cjGlobal, a high impact skills and leadership development, live events & consulting company.

Welcome to 3cjGlobal. We are recognized internationally and have a reputation as the ‘go to’ training organisation across many different industry sectors. We have been delivering superior value to many organisations from top businesses, government institutions including local authorities through to churches for the past 15 years with our team of high caliber international trainers.

We are privileged to help businesses improve their performance, productivity, and bottom-line results. Our comprehensive learning initiatives combine research-based, content with processes that are specifically targeted to the critical business issues facing your organization. This ensures your people are best positioned to achieve their full potential and able to align their individual goals and competencies with organizational objectives. The overall results are measurable in terms of improved performance which naturally leads to higher profitability for you.

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Zoe Bennett

Zoe Bennett’s core topic is “Through Adversity Breeds Success” Her speciality looks into when you think life overwhelms you and you cannot see a way of succeeding how you can find the inner motivation, strategy and drive to ensure you are successful.

She covers providing the audience with a background of her not succeeding in school and turning it around to obtain a Masters in Tourism management. Then she uses her background of a tragic event to encourage people that no matter how hard it gets, you have control of your destiny whether in your personal life or business life. She explains why it is important to set (realistic) goals and have a clear defined life strategy. The ultimate message is never give up!!!

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Audie Cummings

He is a Pastor and Management Consultant, operating his practice in the London Docklands University of East London. He has been a business professional for over 26 years working with SME's and accredited by the Institute of Independent Business. He has mentored many in the hair, beauty & real estate industry, whilst winning many awards in the early 1990's.

He was also honoured by HRH Prince Charles in his early twenties by being selected to present his first business mini enterprise at the PYBT in the early 1990's whilst being mentored by the Late Bernie Grant, Late MBE Emmanuel Cotter Ambassador to Saint Lucia, Professor John O'keefe responsible for the breakthrough for Alzheimer’s and MBE Tony Wade. Consulting for Virgin Atlantic Airways & Walt Disney to name a few.

Hamilton Daley

About Hamilton Daley
Hamilton Daley was born in London UK in the 1960s. In the 1970s Hamilton’s parents relocated their family of 5 children to Jamaica when Hamilton was around 10. Hamilton lived in the Caribbean until he returned to the UK as an adult for the first time in the 1980s.

On arriving in the UK, Hamilton pursued a law degree at TVU and a Masters in Law degree at UCL. Hamilton’s professional training course was at the Collage of Law, Guilford. Hamilton qualified as a UK practising solicitor in 1995. Hamilton returned to Jamaica in 1996 where he attended Norman Manley Law School at the University of the West Indies, and in 1997 was called to the Jamaica Bar. Hamilton is a dual-qualified lawyer, being a practising UK solicitor as well as an Attorney-at-Law for a CARICOM jurisdiction (Jamaica).

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Amanda Nicole Brown

Amanda was born in Plaistow, East London to a Vincentian father and Trinidadian mother. She spent six years living in Trinidad before returning to England aged 12.

Amanda has written and published two previous books, “Elevating Success –The First Five Years” and “Time To Breakthrough.” She has also written for Keep The Faith magazine. Amanda writes from the heart, seeking to encourage and motivate her readers by sharing powerful moments from her own life experience to empower and enable them to boldly face and embrace the challenges that their lives will present.

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Sandra Brown-Pinnock

Sandra Brown-Pinnock is the founder of “Haireverlasting” Distributor and the creator of the “Xsandy’s” brand of hair extensions. She is ambitious and tenacious individual who enjoys being able to work with manufacturers in producing the highest quality hair used for my brand of extensions. (XSANDY’S)

Having worked in mental health for over 15 years, she then moved into owning and running a social care organisation for 8 years. She has always had an interest in the hair extension industry. She noticed that the industry i.e. the manufacturing and distributing sections of this market within the UK and Europe, had virtually no Afro-Caribbean owners and felt that it was time for a change. She also understood what it took to succeed in this competitive commercial environment.

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