Robert Lee (Gully Bop) Malcolm

Gully Bop known to some as Country man, Gully Back or Daddy Kartel is a fast-rising dancehall artiste, who gained popularity from an internet video that showed him skilfully sharing lyrics which went viral.

His real name is Robert Lee Malcolm.
He first performed at Sting in 1992.
He is 50-years- old.
He has three children; two girls and one boy.
He was born in Foster Lane, Kingston central.

Before making music, he fixed fans, televisions, radios and washing machines to make a living. He got the name “Country man” after moving to a place called “King Western” and people around him regarded it as rural Jamaica. He then got the name “Gully Back” because people always heard him saying he has “gully juice in a gully back”. Years ago, he also performed at shows such as Reggae Sunsplash and Beach Bash.