Hamilton Daley

About Hamilton Daley
Hamilton Daley was born in London UK in the 1960s. In the 1970s Hamilton’s parents relocated their family of 5 children to Jamaica when Hamilton was around 10. Hamilton lived in the Caribbean until he returned to the UK as an adult for the first time in the 1980s.

On arriving in the UK, Hamilton pursued a law degree at TVU and a Masters in Law degree at UCL. Hamilton’s professional training course was at the Collage of Law, Guilford. Hamilton qualified as a UK practising solicitor in 1995. Hamilton returned to Jamaica in 1996 where he attended Norman Manley Law School at the University of the West Indies, and in 1997 was called to the Jamaica Bar. Hamilton is a dual-qualified lawyer, being a practising UK solicitor as well as an Attorney-at-Law for a CARICOM jurisdiction (Jamaica).

CARIBBEAN DAY Movement International
In 2007 Hamilton was a contributing writer of articles and commentaries to the US based online site Jamaicans.com. Hamilton’s articles were renowned to be thought provoking and culturally stimulating. It was during this period that Hamilton first publically shared his passion and thought for the global Caribbean community to establish an internationally recognised Day of unity.

The dream and vision highlights the reality that all people of Caribbean descent share a commonality greater than the islands and flags used to identify and separate them; yet there was no demonstrable unity or common heritage. Political relations were not the same as everyday people feeling belonging close to each other.

In his 2007 writings Hamilton proposed that there be international awareness in the global Caribbean community to establish an international CARIBBEAN DAY annually on the 1st August. In 2007 Hamilton wrote an open letter to CARICOM (which may still today be found on Google searches).

However, it was not until 2014 upon recognising the power of social media to reach ordinary people with a message, that Hamilton thought to re-launch the Caribbean Day initiative with a new Facebook page campaign that was launched on 2nd August 2014. Subsequently, Caribbean Day Movement International was founded, which currently has over 8,000 ‘champions’ of the cause, from almost every Caribbean (not only Caricom) state, with champions also represented in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe and other world destinations.

There is definitely appetite in the global Caribbean community for international recognition and respect akin to that received by other cultural and ethnic groups. On this wave the movement grows, with the essential aim being to disseminate awareness for Caribbean Day.

The feedback from stakeholders continues to be distinctly encouraging of the Caribbean Day concept, however, save the Secretariat’s acknowledgment of the campaign’s existence in January 2015, Caricom itself has been silent on the issue but this is taken as a lack of political cohesion rather than deference to the Caribbean Day principle.

The Caribbean Day campaign led by Hamilton is one of awareness to adopt the 1st August as our all inclusive international community day. It can be achieved quickly by CARICOM proclamation or alternatively over time by the custom and practice of our global Caribbean communities. The latter method involves the people self-professing the conclusion they seek.