Ava 'EAGLE' Brown

The biography of Ava Eagle Brown reads like a testimonial for her transformational books and speaking engagements. She is an author, motivational, empowerment and transformational speaker, NLP qualifies coach and actress. Her credits include writing, life coaching, consulting and mother to two children. Drawing on her own experiences, she assists others to reach their full potential through determination and tapping into their greatness. She shows others how to achieve and break down barriers regardless of background, colour, or their past. Ava shares her own story with her clients in order to inspire and challenge.

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Anna Yaramboykova

My career in sales started from a young age of 18. Even though being one of the youngest sales brockers for a big insurance company in Bulgaria, I totally smashed all my targets. I came to London two years later and carried on with my sales career alongside studying. I started as a junior sales person and made my way to a manager after absolutely reaching all the targets within 6 months, where I built a great team, reaching all their sales goals.

Since then I have worked on a senior level for corporate and retail, managing teams of 100 people minimum and we have had huge successes in exceeding sales targets. My last position as an employee was for All Saints as a Sales and Training Manager, where we not only managed a team of 200 people and a million pounds turnover but we also reached 40% growth for 2014-2015 as a company. This was the year where a lot of the retails and sales struggled.

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Boryana Hristova|

She graduates from the University of National and World Economy in 2007 with the subject of Journalism and Mass Communications. At these times she is attending lectures, organised by the Bulgarian Business Leadres Forum, created by the most successful PR at that time in Bulgaria – Maxim Behar and his company M3 Communications Group. There she meets Ivan Garelov, a well known journalist and publicist. He invites her to become part of his TV show – “The Vote”, broadcasted on bTV – the first private television in Bulgaria. She is assigned to the plot writers of the show and works there over a year.

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Leila Thomas

Leila Thomas, Urban Synergy Founder and Managing Director

Leila Thomas is on a mission. She is one of those special people who bring limitless energy, dynamism and enthusiasm to everything she does. Although she works full time as a Technical Project Manager for Thomson Reuters, her ideas and sheer determination to make her vision a reality have resulted in her founding Urban Synergy, an outcome focussed early intervention mentoring charity, which enables young Londoners to achieve their full potential.

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Lanre Thomas

This guest is a Lawyer who want to speak about the issues below and her organisation

African Children Today (ACT) is a not-for-profit organisation and Company Limited by Guarantee set up for the promotion and awareness of the implications and impact of Care Proceedings on Afro-Caribbean children and their families in the United Kingdom.

ACT was developed out of practical experience of social workers and child protection lawyers as a realisation of the problems African children and their parents face when involved with the Local Authority. Following the realisation of the gaps that exist within the child protection system for African children in the country ACT came into being.

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Hon. Andrew Holness

The Most Honourable Andrew Michael Holness was first elected as Member of Parliament (MP) to represent the Constituency of West Central St. Andrew in 1997, at the age of 25. Now in his fourth consecutive term as MP, Mr. Holness became Jamaica’s ninth Prime Minister after the Jamaica Labour Party defeated the People’s National Party at the polls on February 25, 2016. Mr. Holness has pledged to build real partnerships with the Private Sector, Civil Society, the Diaspora, the Opposition and International Partners in order to achieve the vision of shared prosperity for all Jamaicans through inclusive economic growth and meaningful job creation.

Mr. Holness first served as Head of Government from October 2011 to January 2012 having succeeded former Prime Minister the Honourable Bruce Golding.

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Leah McQueen

Leah McQueen is a sought after inspirational speaker, Mindset coach and personal development mentor dedicated to helping parents and children.

Leah McQueen is the CEO of Parents Talk Ltd. Parents Talk is a company that allows parents to come together and speak about parenthood and there upbringing Without Fear of judgement, they also host family fun events every 3 months all around the UK for parents and children, inspiring people from all walks of life the platform to showcase their talent, to inspire and empower parents and children with a positive impact. They have professional inspirational speakers, musicians, dancers, face painters, parent advisers, information booths for both parents and children, amazing products such as I Can books and CDs by Dwayne Patrick and much more!!

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