Kirly-Sue (aka Susanne Kirlew) is helping to change the image of vegan & vegetarian food, so if you think being vegan is all about boring, bland tofu and buck wheat, Kirly-Sue has some wonderful recipes you will LOVE. Born and raised in London to Jamaican parents, Kirly-Sue was a vegetarian (no meat and no fish) for over 25 year and she is now a vegan. Her Jamaican heritage is reflected in her cooking and baking.

Kirly-Sue has a theatrical background, she won her first job at the age of seven, when she appeared on the TV series, Play Pen. Following this auspicious start; Kirly-Sue enrolled at the Sylvia Young Theatre School, Barbara Speake's Stage School and most recently, the Actor's Centre (London). She has won the London Youth Federation Awards twice (1992 & 2004) for her work within the community and she also won a Go UK award for Leadership in 1996 for her work within The Seventh-day Adventist Church which she attends regularly.

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Hayley Short

Raised in Durban, South Africa during the period of transition from Apartheid to Democracy, I was fortunate to experience many different levels of society and community in South Africa, which I believe had a significant impact on who I am today.

My teen years were largely spent learning about Apartheid and other global struggles as well as being actively and charitably involved in my local community. My strong moral and ethical background has served me well with building and maintaining relationships with others.

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Leroy Logan

Pen Picture of Retired Superintendent Leroy Logan
MBE, PhD (Hons), BSc (Hons)

Leroy Logan is a retired Superintendent who served 30 years, 1983-2013, in the Metropolitan Police Service.

His last operational posting was between November ’07 – February ’13, as part of the national police team that successfully co-ordinated the safety & security of the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympics across the UK. He also contributed to the post Games Legacy security report to Government, before retiring in July ‘13.

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Tony Wade

Do you know the History of the UK Black Hair Industry?

Do you know the History the annual Afro Hair and Beauty Expo and its Origin?

Do you know about Dyke & Dryden Ltd?

Do you know who the late Lincoln "Len" Dyke was?

Do you know who the late Dudley Dryden was?

Do you know who Tony Wade is?

…and why were they called the UK first black millionaires?

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Sonia Meggie BA MSc

Sonia Meggie is an award winner and founder of Inspirational YOU; a London based social enterprise launched in March 2010. Their mission is to connect, inspire and empower young people, women and ethnic minorities who want to make professional changes to their lives.

Prior to founding Inspirational YOU, Sonia worked for a leading management consultancy in city of London. She was head hunted to become the Director of a well-known promotions company who worked alongside UK and international artists. After five years of organising large scale live shows she felt compelled to do more to bring together inspirational personalities and influencers to empower others and make a difference.

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Khori Hyde

Khori Hyde, born in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica in the 70s, now a UK National; is the Brand Director of BritJam, Founder and Director of Y.O.U.N.G (Youth Organisation Undertaking National Growth), Director of Jamaica’s Inspired UK (JamIn-UK) and Regional Coordinator for the Jamaica Basic Schools Foundation. Mr Hyde is also a successful information technology expert who has taught at all levels of the educational spectrum, both in Jamaica and the United Kingdom.

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Gordon Boateng

Gordon Boateng is someone who has lived his life in a positive and determined manor, he has lived by the ethos Believing to Achieve with a never say die attitude, hard work, faith in god and giving back when he can by helping others.

Gordon is known for being an ex professional football player, a well respected football manager, the youngest black chief executive in football history, being an ambassador for Kick It Out (kick out racism within football) and a TV & Radio Personality.

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